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What we do...

Metals Produced:

Ductile Iron

  • Grade 65-45-12
  • Grade 60-40-18 (Heat Treated)
  • Grade 80-55-06
  • Grade 80-60-03
  • Grade 100-70-03 (Heat Treated)
  • Special Alloy (6,000 lb. minimum)

Gray Iron

  • Class 30
  • Class 40
  • Class 50
  • Special Alloy (6,000 lb. minimum)

Meehanite ®

  • Type GE30
  • Type GC40
  • Type GA50
  • Type SF60
  • Type SP80
  • Type SH100 
  • Type HS
  • Type HR
    • Abrasion Resistant

      • NiHard

      Molding Capabilities:

      Eureka Foundry uses two different molding systems: Green Sand and Airset. This gives us the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of your casting needs.

      Green Sand Molding:

      We operate three molding centers. We have an Automatic Molding Center, Cope and Drag Molding Center and Slinger Molding Center. Depending on casting geometrey, we can cast molds from a few pounds up to 800 pounds.

      Airset Molding:

      Airset molding enables us to cast a large range of geometries with weights ranging from 500 to 20,000 pounds.

      Pattern Shop:

      Eureka Foundry operates its own in house Pattern Shop. We produce a wide range of pattern and core box equipment from production patterns to custom low volume patterns. Typical pattern materials are wood, aluminum and plastic.


      Eureka Foundry operates its own in house machine shop with a broad range of jobbing type machining applications. We also work closely with several local machine shops, allowing us to meet just about all your machining needs.

      Additional Services:

      • Pattern Storage
      • Stocking Distributor for Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Bar Stock
      • Casting Design Assistance
      • Electronically receive AutoCad Drawings and Plot
      • Fabrications
      • Assembly
      • Painting
      • Heat Treating

      Quality Control:

      Full Metallographic Lab, with Spectrometer, capable of confirming and certifying your casting materials ASTM or Meehanite® specifications.