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Aluminum Production both Primary and Secondary.

Ingot Molds, Dross Pans, Dross Presses, Siphon Tips, Suction Elbows…


Steel Industry

Coil Annealing Diffuser and Load Plates, Blast Furnace Stove Bottoms…


Paving and Asphalt

Tips, Shanks, Liners, Wear Plates, Bearings…


Pollution Control Equipment


Double Flap Valves, Cast Access Doors and Frames…



Troughs, Liners, Catch pans…


Electrical Power Generation

Fuel Nozzles, Coal Handling…


Mining and Minerals

Liners, Crushers, Wear Application…


Marine Cable Protection

Cable Protectors…


Carpet Industry

Knitting Machine Frames, Bed Plates, Legs, Bearings…


Wood Working Industry

Cable Drums, Pulleys, Housings, take-up bearings, Gears, Pulleys…


Cement Industry

Liners and Bearings…


Machine Tools and Specialty Machine Components


Municipal Water Works 

Frames, Bases, Housings, Gears, Bearings, Sprockets... 


Large Diameter Pipe Fittings ...




We are a Distributor of Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Continuous Cast Bar Stock:


Round Stock:

(Saw Cut Up To 72” Length)

Class 40 Gray Iron   .625”OD – 20”OD

Ductile Iron (65-45-12) 1.250”OD – 20”OD

Ductile Iron (80-55-06) 1.250”OD – 20”OD


Rectangular Stock

(Saw Cut +1/8” -0”)

Class 40 Gray Iron & Ductile Iron (65-45-12)

.50” Thick to 15.50” Thick

.50” Wide to 23.50” Wide

.50” Long to 72” Long


Ductile Iron (80-55-06)

.50” Thick to 13.50” Thick

.50” Wide to 20” Wide

.50” Long to 72” Long


Note: Larger Sizes of Round Stock and Rectangular Stock Available On Request Per ASTM and MEEHANITE® Sand Cast Specifications.                      

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